Aug 102015

WHO BUILT THIS PYRAMID? A colleague of mine sent this link to me:…/maslows-hierarchy-of-…/
It seems that Maslow’s “Hierarchy of Needs” pyramid that we all learned about in Psych 101 was not in any of his works. Who drew it?

Call me a Barbarian-at-the-gate, but I don’t much care who drew the pyramid to explain Maslow’s work in a pictorial form. It helps with our understanding of how some “needs” serve as a foundation for greater likelihood of attaining and expanding other needs. As with all models, it explains a great deal while having some moth holes in the cloth. For example, one can have strong attainment of love/belonging while still being very tenuous in safety. Hmm…. Do I believe the blog post, or do I need to add the original two publications to my reading list?

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