Training video


OK, consumate behavior managers. Here’s your test. What would you do if a kid…

Click on the following videos to view them. Each clip lasts from about 30 seconds to 2 minutes. Ask yourself: How would I have prevented that situation from ever developing? How could I have responded at various points during the incident? (If your answer is “Yell and scream.”, you need to read more pages on this site.) How would you have responded after the incident?

Amy seeks your help, insisting that she is unable to do the assigned independent work. This behavior is common for Amy.

Craig, a quiet, studious youngster is picked on by others while the class waits to be summoned to the auditorium for an assembly.

David cuts in line (he’s the second student to do so) as the class prepares to exit the classroom for recess. He escalates his refusal behavior as the teacher attempts to convince him to move to the end of the line.

Joe, the class clown, is engaging in “passive aggressive” actions. This “playing dumb” behavior infuriates the teacher (although he restrains himself from striking out at the student).

Josh, a distractible youngster, is once again having trouble focusing on the task at hand (attending to the reading of a story).

Phil believes that he has already completed the workbook handed to him by the teacher. He claims to have worked in this reading skills booklet during the previous year. (It is the Barnell Loft Reading series. Each reading skill has booklets A-F with each skill area having a different color of print on the cover.)

Pat(rick) stops and shakes vigorously upon entering the classroom. Anxiety attack? Ritualistic behavior? Attention seeking?

Tony is interested in viewing artwork produced by others. He disagrees with the teacher’s assessment of the piece.


Note: The videos found above are electronic versions of videotaped sequences from around 1978. They were originally developed as part of a grant-funded project (from the then titled “U.S. Office of Education”) at the University of Michigan. The videotape was accompanied by some thick texts (Titled “Child Variance”) that explained theoretical models and their programs & interventions. I am unable to track down any further information regarding source, individuals to contact, etc.

So… I’m putting them up on the site as a training tool for teachers. If anyone has information that would lead me to the agencies or individuals holding rights to this videotape, please contact me. I will then ask for official permission to post the sequences (if doing so is necessary after over 30+ years since their release). While the clothing and hair styles on the actors are outdated, the behaviors are found in today’s classrooms.