The Circle of Courage


The Circle of Courage

A Professional Development Learning Module


Get the materials to help your facility create & maintain

a supportive & effective setting for nurturing lasting positive change in errant youth!


The Circle of Courage is an evidence-based psycho-educational model for reaching and teaching youth with mental health and behavioral disorders.  A proven approach that integrates research on positive youth development with the best of positive thought, wisdom and practice of both Western and first-peoples/indigenous cultures, this unique model aligns nicely with the philosophies and writings of other cultural groups.


The medicine wheel that symbolizes the model reflects the intertwining of the parts of human character that are essential for healthy emotional development: Being prosocially connected to important others (Attachment/Belonging), taking pride in one’s competent/strong areas, with a willingness to undertake the learning of new skills and knowledge bases (Achievement/Mastery), possessing the ability to self-manage one’s actions and make good choices (Autonomy/Independence), and possessing a helpful inclination (Altruism/Generosity).  These four dimensions of the Circle of Courage are inextricably intertwined, each one responding to and affecting the others and the whole.


WOW! Just look at the materials that are included in this learning module!

Until now, becoming knowledgable and skilled in The Circle of Courage model required expensive multiple trainings of multiple days. The recommended procedures and practices were also vague and ill-defined. No more! This training package includes a broad and impressive array of easy-to-use training materials, assessment devises, and intervention strategies, along with a pre-designed packet of forms that can be used by programs that have adopted this supportive model for serving youngsters with emotional and behavioral challenges. These materials provide the “how-to-do-it” at an affordable price. Now, your facility can plan and implement a positive discipline model that meets the intent, structure and criteria of the PBIS model… All at a small fraction of the time and money that was formerly required.

All of the training materials are in electronicly malable form, allowing you to make changes to better match the needs of your audience. The assessment and intervention documents can also be modified as you create your unique variation on positive approaches to reaching and teaching kids with behavioral challenges.


Here’s what you get:

  • Directions for leading engaging and practical professional development sessions for educational professionals, child-care workers, and other groups serving children and youth with severe behavior disorders.
  • An informative & entertaining 4-part video podcast that explains the Circle of Courage model.
  • Nearly a dozen audio podcasts that provide examples of how the Circle of Courage model was applied to youngsters of varying ages and mental health/behavioral challenges.
  • An animated, activity-rich powerpoint slide show (with notes to guide the presenter) that guarantees a wildly successful & highly instructional live session.
  • Links to video clips that are shown as part of the live session’s group activities.
  • A presenter’s “proposal” template containing:
    • -A description of the session
    • -Learning goals & objectives.
  • A pre-designed cover sheet for the live-session handout.
  • A comprehensive listing of discussion questions that guide session participants or leadership committees in the systematic implementation of the Circle of Courage (or related positive discipline model).
  • A packet of pre-designed administrative/record-keeping forms for use in facilities that have adopted the Circle of Courage model (or other positive system).
  • The “Youth Audit Form”, based on the Developmental Audit assessment procedures of the Circle of Courage model. The YAF guides professionals in gathering the information acquired in Development Audits, and devising a general plan of action for putting the errant youngster on a better life path.
  • The extensive and highly detailed “Quadrant Checklist” for conducting an assessment of strengths, distortions, and weaknesses in an individual student’s character and behavior pattern. This comprehensive assessment checklist, with it’s expansive listing of behavior indicators, provides insight into a youngster’s Circle of Courage profile for each quadrant, thus leading to effective interventions. Use the “QC” alone, or as an extension of the “Developmental Audit” procedures in order to provide a more detailed analysis of strengths, distortions, and weaknesses in the various parts of the Circle of Courage.


Exactly how is this training module conducted?

  • Participants gain an understanding of the Circle of Courage by viewing the video podcasts before the live session or during the first part of the professional gathering.
  • The engaging and activity-filled powerpoint slide show and accompanying activities extend the knowledge base and apply the information to hypothetical students. Participants then complete the Youth Audit Form to assess the character of youngsters known to them.  Each participant (or group) can then develop an action plan to guide the at-risk student toward more prosocial behavior and a better life. For more extensive training, additional activities include completing the “Quadrant Checklist” to determine the juvenile’s character profile, and using the gathered information to form a plan for intervention.  During or after the activity, audio podcasts can be consulted as examples of how this assessment and instructional planning is conducted.
  • Another advanced activity involves live-session participants or facility leadership committee discussing a list of questions that help them to construct a working positive discipline system for their setting. Pre-designed administrative forms are available for their consideration (included in this package).




PBIS tiers addressed by this intervention approach: All 3 tiers.




The price for this complete & comprehensive package?


Consider the number of people who will be trained in this positive approach to working with behaviorally and emotionally challenged youth… over the course of many years.  Consider the convenience of having field-tested, ready-made materials that save you weeks or months of preparation.  Consider the thousands of dollars that would be spent to bring in a professional development consultant. Consider the honorarium paid to you as a presenter. (If you don’t make your money back in one session, you need to raise your fee!)  Then consider the low price you’ll pay to bring this comprehensive training module into your possession: $399. It is, quite simply, a steal… a bargain at twice the price!


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