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On this page you’ll find a number of items that are directly related kids who present their parents and teachers with behavioral challenges.  After the listing of articles, you’ll find a list of helpful books, followed by some excellent web sites for parents of children who have emotional and/or behavioral hurdles to overcome.

What to do when the school or psychologist tells you that your child has an emotional and/or behavior disorder


Your rights when the school wants to evaluate (test/assess) your child
Ideas for making home a more positive place for you and your kids
One parent’s story about how she found out that positive ways motivate kids better than giving penalties


How to set up a home behavior management systembased on a “checking/savings account”


Finally! A program that offers substantiated hope… through the description and demonstration of assertive and positive strategies for reclaiming and building the positivity in your child. The approaches that are described and demonstrated in this package direct parents in how to be both caring and influential. They can be effective in setting limits and reclaiming their lost child without being either a doormat or a bully.

You may have seen this program advertised on TV. Personally, I thought that the the slickly produced advertisements were overstating the usefulness of their strategies. I was surprised that they contacted me to ask if I might review it. I seized the opportunity to look deeper inside the program and evaluate the claims. Within the first few minutes, I found myself nodding and saying “YES!” Here was all of my complex professional training explained and demonstrated in a manner that allowed the common person to utilize it. I was impressed to the highest degree.

The “Total Transformation” kit is slick in it’s packaging and advertising, but it is outstanding in the way that it provides easily understood and implemented practices that are based on the psycho-educational and cognitive-behavioral models for helping kids who are destroying their lives with self-defeating (and parent and teacher-defeating) behaviors. These psychological models focus on building and maintaining trust relationships; being assertive (instead of pleading or threatening); and teaching new behaviors to replace the counterproductive ones that have developed. It allows parents to set limits while reaching out to their child and guiding him or her back into the family fold.

This program is exceptional in its ability to teach parents the skills needed for dealing with youngsters who have gone far astray. I will be using Total Transformation’s video demonstrations in the training of future teachers of kids who possess emotional and behavioral disabilities. Those sequences show how to stand our ground while convincing the confrontational or withdrawn youngster to come and join us.

Total Transformation provides proven and effective ways to reclaim those we love. I recommend it without reservation (except for those bubbly morning show hosts who interview James Lehman).

Tom McIntyre


*Clicking on the images of books that you see below, will take you to where you can preview the texts and decide whether to purchase them.  These books can be purchased at any on-line book store, but buying them from (after clicking on these icons) supports     A small percentage of the purchase price is returned to this site.

Great Books For Parents Of Kids Who Need To Learn To Make Better Behavior Choices

This classic book, as useful today as when it was first published in the early 1980′s provides parents with “Nice ways” to gain compliance from their children.  Along with easy-to-read text are cartoons showing the typical ineffective phrasing used by parents are followed by those showing more effective ways of saying things.  In my mind, this is the best parenting book on the market when it comes to how WE can change our ways to help our kids behave better.

Assertive Discipline for Parents provides a system that helps parents to be in-charge, while also being compassionate and supportive.  It’s especially good for parents who have problems “standing up” to their children, but also great for those parents who find themselves yelling and hitting/spanking when they get frustrated.  The system gives parents things to say and do that are firm, but loving.  Kids view the system as being fair and reasonable.

A Book For Kids Who Need To Make Better Behavior Choices

It‘s the only book written FOR kids who need to learn how to make better choices when it comes to thier actions.  It’s written on a 4th grade reading level,  but you can read it with youngsters who don’t yet read at that level.  Cartoons and sensitive writing help to motivate kids to try the new ways. Leave it on the coffee table for curious eyes.


Information on Dr. Mac’s book that you can use to help your child make better choices about behavior.
Read a parent’s review of Dr. Mac’s Book


Other Web Sites on Parenting Youngsters with Behavioral Challenges   This page talks about giving choices to youngsters to help them become more self-managed and less defiant. (Courtesy of Boy’s Town)
This site contains a great many links to articles on addressing behavior, from night terrors, to internet use, to mental illness, to drug use. A 24 hour parent helpline is available. This site has hundreds of articles that address just about any behavior you can imagine. The site promotes a loving, but assertive style of parenting.

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