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It's all about teachers on this site, but here are a couple of things that might be of particular interest:

(1) Free mini-course on classroom management,

(2) Free jazz-up-your-lessons package of fantastic activities

(3)The Total Transformation DVD program for working effectively with "tough" kids, and

(4) Personal coaching from Dr. Mac.



Great package of activities

Click on the ship's wheel for a wonderful resource that will really help you engage & enthuse your students... and you don't have to open your wallet!

You'll be taken to a FANTASTIC pack of lesson activities, starters, games & resources  that you can download without charge right now. (It'll say "report" when you get to the page.)  These activities are perfect for adding focused interaction & brain-envigorating fun to any of your lessons, no matter which subject or grade level. (All at no cost to you)




Ship's Wheel

Click on the ship's wheel to go to a page where you can sign up to receive a FREE mini-course in classroom management. Each day, for 7 days, you'll receive wonderful advice and quick tips for praising, encouraging, connecting with your students, structuring the classroom, and so much more. I've taken the course, and recommend it highly. A classroom management course for free? Beat that! (You can't.)





Using "Total Transformation" to Improve Your Behavior Management Skills

Does your classroom contain students who show rude, defiant, or non-compliant behaviors? Do some lie or blame others for their actions? Do you find yourself in verbal battles with your students? Do you have students with low self-esteem & negative self-image? Then read on...

While directed primarily at parents, the Total Transformation program is a nicely packaged kit containing DVDs and short readings that guide you to becoming the respected and capable captain of your classroom. How can a program for parents help we teachers? The interventions and ways of wording our utterances are the same for dealing with certain behaviors whether they are displayed in the home or the classroom. A guide for making effective use of the Total Transformation (TT) program in the classroom is found right here. The places in the TT program's videos where one can find strategies for specific types of behaviors are listed on this resource. Take a look at the listing now to discover how the program can assist you in the classroom.

So... How do you get started? Click on the ad below to view video clips and descriptions. Then decide if it's right for you.

We love our students, but we're not carpets to be walked on! Learn how to be more effective with "tough kids" by becoming an assertive captain of the classroom who says helpful, not wimpy or hurtful things. Become a dynamic, gently forceful mentor teacher for kids farthest from the educational dream.

Parent Group Award

I've reviewed Total Transformation and sell it because I believe strongly in its effectiveness.

When it Total Transformation arrives at your door, come back to this page. Then click here to view the listing of the disks and times on the Total Transformation program where you can view strategies for working with different types of inappropriate behaviors found in your classroom.

if you're using www.BehaviorAdvisor.com, you're already on your way to becoming a more assertive and effective teacher. The Total Transformation program gives you the "short-course" to attaining the respected and valued classroom captain status.



Dr Mac


Why make use of it?

The facility with which a teacher manages the classroom affects how s/he is viewed by students, their parents, colleagues, and oneself.  Problems with the management of behavior is the number one reason that teachers leave the field.  It's the number one reason that administration fails to rehire or tenure teachers.  Moreso, it is demoralizing to see the dream of becoming a master teacher, beloved and admired by one's students, remain so far from one's grasp.  

For educators who find themselves in these circumstances, it is both frustrating and emotionally exhausting.  They’re doing their sincere best to direct their charges, but their strategies are inconsistently effective at best.  It is unfortunate that most educational professionals haven’t received adequate training in classroom management and behavior  change practices.  They are unaware of the many positive options available to them, and often find themselves resorting to more of what already isn’t working.  They find themselves mired down in the muck of stage 2 or 3 of the stages of teaching (Click here to read about the stages one goes through if one is unable to manage one's classroom efficiently).

"I've already seen change for the better. I do enjoy more days than I had previously in this year. I feel consistent, focused and in charge of the direction of the class again. Friday, one of my students told me I was the best teacher she ever had. The students are enjoying the lessons again, and I feel respectful again in holding kids accountable. Is it perfect? No, not yet; however, I do have direction and the year still holds promise. Thank you."


Your Support has Arrived.

Where does one find a safe, supportive environment in which to share one’s feelings and concerns?  Where does one acquire guidance in how to individualize textbook strategies so that they work with one's class?  Where can one obtain perceptive follow-up analyses of what went wrong and right in various situations… analyses that help to inform and improve practice.

Long-distance coaching is an ideal approach that allows educators (and others who serve children), in the privacy of their own homes, to share personal details and honest feelings, one-on-one, with a non-judgmental, supportive mentor.  Only the knowledgeable and concerned coach becomes aware of what the teacher is experiencing.  Together, teacher and coach create a plan of action to address the situation.

How is Long-Distance Coaching Done?

Today’s technology allows you to speak directly with Dr. Mac or an associate on our professional staff of "BehaviorDrs.com".  Via phone, web cam, and/or e-mail, behavior coaching offers “lifestyle integration” and “distance learning”… non-judgmental support and sage advice at a time and place that is most comfortable and productive for you.  Distance coaching adapts to your personal schedule by offering flexibility of location and moment.  Sessions can be conducted at any convenient time of day or night in the privacy and comfort of your home or empty classroom.  You choose the technology channel: web cam conferencing for a “face-to-face” exchange; telephoning and e-mailing for anonymity.  Whatever manner of contact you select, we assist you in developing and fine-tuning a positive and effective approach that is individualized to your situation.

Telephone and real-time online coaching (via text or web cam chat) is ideal for those individuals who lead hectic lifestyles, are geographically isolated, or must remain at home.

Also available is an asynchronous e-mail version of coaching.  It offers comfort for those individuals who have difficulty opening up and talking about their concerns in the moment.  With the delayed response e-mail option, they can set their own pace as they take the needed take time to compose their thoughts, reflect upon their responses (and those of their coach), and respond when they are ready to do so.  Many individuals find that this method of communication allows them to be more reflective, honest, and expressive compared to face-to-face, telephone, or electronic chat conversations.  With the e-mail option, the coach’s response typically arrives within 12-24 hours, yet the educator can take the time necessary for more measured and thoughtful responses.  E-mailing is an excellent way to review session topics, insights, and assignments. 

"Hope. This was the gift given to me when I asked for personal coaching in behavior management from Tom McIntyre. Most all information I had previously read on behavior management focused on starting the year right. Nine months is a long time to struggle when you’ve started a year with several challenging students off wrong. I limped along in the year as best I could, but became more and more discouraged. I had lost my way, my joy in teaching, and feared that I had also lost the students I was supposed to be teaching.

Dr. Mac’s responses were so positive, encouraging, and comprehensive that I was able to see there was hope. He and his team helped me to reframe issues that I previously believed I was not up to handling. He pointed out what I was doing correctly and only needed to strengthen, and he pointed me in new directions when that too was needed. The wealth of information given to me at a very reasonable price and the friendly and encouraging tone from Dr. Mac helped to restore my confidence. Finally, I had the direction, the frame of mind, and the language needed for me to not just survive, but to continue the journey of education with my students.

I am incredibly grateful for their support. I know that I can reach them at any time I need additional ideas, and I truly believe they care about my success with my students. Every day I reread the words of encouragement and frequently revisit the suggested sites of management practices to continue my study towards becoming a masterful teacher. I am back on the path with hope and joy in my heart."


What Can I Expect During a Coaching Session?

“Coaching” is gaining popularity as increasing numbers of people recognize the benefits of a guided mentoring relationship in attaining personal and professional goals. Just as someone aligns with a tennis coach to improve their game or a financial coach to better handle the family money, behavior management coaches are sought out for their expertise in an area that few people are fully trained, deeply knowledgeable, and highly skilled.

Coaching sessions involve a two-way sharing process that is non-judgmental, supportive, and information-packed.  Coaching focuses on the present as we help you move into a brighter future.  It zeros in on the problem, what is causing it, and what to do to change it...  all done in the effort to help your students make better behavior choices…and help you become increasing more competent in instruction and positive behavior management.
Behavior coaching is comprised of a “performance review” and a “training session” between you and the coach… a process that leads to more effective and positive teaching.

The Goals of Behavior Coaching

The objectives of long-distance behavior coaching are fivefold:

 •  Acknowledging and addressing the frustrations associated with teaching when one's skills don't yet match the challenges.

•  Becoming more aware of the profound effect that words and actions – positive or negative – have on student behavior, and the personal esteem and self image of both pupils and teacher.

•  Pinpointing your personal and professional strengths and weaknesses in order to create a strength-based plan for improvement in instruction style and/or managing behaviors.

•  Acquiring new strategies that are fine-tuned to the students in your classroom.

•  Reflecting upon progress, and making any necessary adjustments to the plan of action.


Click here for an example of suggestions provided during e-mail based coaching. (soon)


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