Staff Development Modules


There’s More?

That’s right!  Here at you can purchase challenging, skill-building “learning modules” that are appropriate for personal self study, professional presentations, or district-wide staff development in the areas of effective teaching of at-risk groups, classroom behavior management & promotion of positive behavior change.   The video and audio podcasts that you’ve found here on are only a part of these rigorous, interesting, and informative professional development training modules that help school-based professionals better reach and teach their students.  These modules can be purchased at a cost-effective price by going to the “shop” button on the home page, or contacting

Staff development specialists and professors of education will find modules on important topics that are rarely addressed comprehensively in teacher training. This well-produced, rigorous, and informative modules expand the repetoire of workshops for presenters, while increasing the knowledge and skill base of present and future teachers.


How Would We Use the Modules In Our District’s Professional Development Plan?

The BehaviorAdvisor modules are fully online, available to your educational professionals in two ways: Placement on your school district site, or via a password entered into  Participants watch the videos, listen to the podcasts, read the documents, and engage in the activities. The final constructed product is a packet of documents (answers to questions, application of the course material, creation of materials to use with students, printouts from a web search, quiz answers, etc.) that are then brought to a scheduled gathering at your site.  At that gathering, the professional development specialist (or other designated person) leads a multi-faceted discussion and activity session with questions, discussion points, activities, and powerpoint slide shows (with directions and script provided) developed by Dr. Mac, thus expanding upon the home-based or in-school learning that has already occurred with these modules.

If professional development credit is to be awarded upon evidence of knowledge and skill acquisition, that proof of competence is found in the packets that the participants created. Those submitted documents are reviewed by a designated person in your district in order to determine if the criteria for credit has been met.


What’s The Price?

Consider the costs for a typical day of professional development:  Honorarium for the presenter; reimbursement for travel, hotel, meals, and other expenses; perhaps rental of a hall and catering of food; substitute/supply teachers may have to be hired to cover the classrooms of session participants.  All told, the session for 30 to 100 people costs somewhere between $2000 and $8000.

Consider too that the cost is for a one-time staff development session with no follow-up.  With BehaviorAdvisor learning modules, your district can make repeated use of the material for years to come, training your new faculty and staff. Those who have already taken “the course” can re-access the materials for review and application.

Considering all the information found above, how does $399.99 to $499.99 sound?  Let’s see… divide $399.99 by 20 staff members, and it equals $20 per person to train them well. 50 people? That comes out to… $8 per person to help them become more effective educators! Now remember that your professionals have access to the materials forever. Think of how many of your people will benefit from these modules. Pretty good deal, eh?

All sessions are equivalent to a full day of professional development (although the parts of the course can be spread out over days or weeks). Created by Dr. Mac, and extensively field tested by him (and colleagues with whom he has shared them).


OK… What’s Available?



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