I contacted some folks who hired me to conduct professional development sessions and asked them to provide comments regarding those workshops. Their feedback is found below.


Your keynote address was inspiring and emphasized the importance of effectively working with students who exhibit various behavioral challenges.

Lynn M. Cromley, Director, Center for Safe Schools,


“We recently conducted a full day of professional development for my staff, and Dr. Tom Mcintyre was phenomenal! He was punctual, organized and dynamic. Tom’s knowledge of dealing with defiant behaviors in today’s classroom, his delivery, and his sense of humor were truly appreciated by our middle school staff. Their feedback was all positive. I look forward to working with Dr. Mcintyre in the future”.

Robert N. Franks
Principal, Dover Middle & East Dover Elementary, NJ

“Dr. McIntyre conducted an outstanding behavior management workshop for our school district. His experience as a special education teacher brought both authenticity and credibility to the information he presented to our teachers and administrators. Dr. McIntyre suggested and modeled strategies to help educators work with students who exhibit defiant behaviors. The importance of treating students with respect and dignity was a message that was clearly conveyed and reinforced throughout his presentation.

Overall, our teachers felt that the day was extremely productive. Not only does Dr. McIntyre have a great sense of humor, he is also a true professional. I would highly recommend him to other school districts without reservation.”
Rosemary M. Goodman
Staff Development Office
Blairstown, NJ

” Dr. McIntyre gets an A+ from all the teachers and supervisors who attended his training seminars. His enthusiastic, stimulating delivery left a permanent mark on all who attended the workshops. He is masterful in his presentation and models the techniques which can be used effectively with students at all levels. Teachers leave his workshops with many practical ideas for dealing with the disruptive student. The true measure of his impact on teachers can be seen as one visits classrooms in the district. Teachers who attended his workshops have successfully implemented many of his techniques into their daily classroom routines. Dr. Mac is a talented presenter with great understanding of the defiant student and he can truly help teacher’s to improve their skills in
dealing with disruptive classroom behaviors.”
Peggy Brady Vishnupad
Special Projects Coordinator
Community School District 4 / Special Education Office
New York City Schools
319 117th street
New York, NY 10035


You were the buzz all Friday afternoon; generating a lot of positive reaction,excitement, and discussion. I heard several staff members comment, after hearing you, “This is going to be a good year”. The Lorge, “front line” staff is a tough audience, and if you can impress them, you can impress any audience. You not only lived up to the hype, but exceeded it! The students at The Lorge School are very fortunate, for whatever wonderful reason, that you have adopted us this year. >
> > Dr. Joseph T. Hayward, Executive Director
>> THE LORGE SCHOOL, New York, NY, 10011

Dr. McIntyre spent two days conducting 4 different workshops for our local district teachers, support staff and administrators who work with students with challenging behavior. His approach to the audience was unique, fun and generated a lot of discussion. His application of classic theories to the modern classroom was refreshing and useful for our personnel. The audience was appreciative of his real life examples employing the many strategies he discussed and they wished they had this information in their pre-service education. They left feeling rejuvenated to start the new school year.

Jason Novetsky

School Psychology Consultant

Macomb Intermediate School District

Macomb County Michigan


Recently, the faculty and staff of the Van Cleve Program, one of three run by the New York Institute for Special Education, was fortunate to have the opportunity to attend a series of four of Dr. Mac’s inspiring workshops.

His insightful suggestions for dealing with our emotionally disturbed students, many of whom are also learning disabled, were spot-on practical. His presentations were both motivational and humorous. There was something to be learned whether new to the profession or a seasoned veteran of the classroom.

The time spent with Dr. Mac was extremely worthwhile. I would recommend him without any reservation.

.Barbara Blank

Van Cleve Principal

The New York Institute For Special Education


“Dr. Mac’s presentation on Culturally Responsive Classroom Management was on target, engaging, and thought provoking. He offered practical suggestions for teachers on handling conflict situations with individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds. His style was casual and humorous while recognizing the serious nature of the issues faced daily by teachers. Participants took away ideas they could use the next day in the classroom. Above all, Dr. Mac emphasized how mutual respect is the foundation for successful relationships with students.”
Dr. Michael Friga
SETRC Facilitator
Ithaca, NY

Our staff thoroughly enjoyed Dr. Thomas McIntyre’s presentation on the Conflict Model and on Nice Ways to Gain Compliance. He validated many of the behavior protocols we currently have in place, made us think about other behavior techniques, and provided us with many new ideas and new strategies. I am optimistic that we will see many of these new strategies being used with our students by our staff.

Dr. Mac was sensitive to the needs of our student population and offered ideas on how to modify some of the strategies he presented to meet the needs of deaf students.

Our workshop came to us via video technology; however, Dr. Mac’s upbeat, engaging and humorous presentation transcended the flat screen. He made a real life, human connection with the NYSSD staff.
Nancy Clark, Superintendent
New York State School for the Deaf
——————And also from a part of that educational facility———————–

“Dr. McIntyre, I want to thank you for the program you provided to the NYSSD Staff. I appreciate you giving your valuable time and sharing important messages with our staff. It was an excellent presentation! There were so many positive comments about the quality of your presentation. Thanks for helping make our Superintendent’s Conference Day a success.”
Andrea L. Seidner
Secondary Department Head
New York State School for the Deaf
Rome, New York


Dr. Thomas McIntyre presents information that is of critical importance to both special and regular education teachers regarding positive behavioral interventions/supports (PBIS) that are required by IDEA/NCLB, and he accomplishes this in a very entertaining and intuitive way. In other words, Dr. Mac will keep your staff awake, involved, and engaged! Dr. Mac has obviously listened to teachers and administrators, and he “GETS IT!” He knows what it takes to get kids and staff involved, and he will help your staff make it happen!

Marinell Kephart

NKCES Special Education Cooperative Director

Cold Spring, KY



Dr. Mac,

On behalf of the Northern Kentucky Cooperative for Educational Services ( ) - thank you SO much for your wonderful presentation at our Summer Institute. You presented a much needed overview of behavioral considerations which all our staff will benefit from in a very material and functional way. Thanks again to all for a very successful professional development opportunity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dr. Mac’s presentation was one of the best we’ve had in recent years. His information on defiant behavior is current and usable in the classroom from day one and was pertinent for teachers, administrators, and paraprofessionals. It was obvious during that his presentation that he has stayed in touch with the “real world” of the classroom and offered many ideas for teachers that helps them to understand the causes of defiant behavior and some positive strategies to use when they confront it. Dr. Mac’s presentation was the perfect kick-off for our countywide effort to implement Positive Behavior Supports during the new school year!!!

Pat Wendel
Darke County Educational Service Center
Greenville, OH


Dr. McIntyre’s presentation regarding positive behavior management to the faculty at Royal Palm School was, without a doubt, one of the most relevant and motivating presentations our staff has had the good fortune to attend. His enthusiastic, upbeat, and humorus presentation was simple to follow and understand.

Our teachers were gently reminded of the need to use positive verbalizations and make personal connections with every student. His resounding message, “I believe in you!, I believe in you!, I believe in you!” still echoes in the minds of our teachers. All of us are refining our skills to use to the outstanding positive behavior supports that Dr. McIntyre presented. Now, we have more tools and resources in our arsenal to continue to reach and teach every student with dignity and respect.

We’ve also made a personal connection with the man behind the curtain of the incredible Behavior Advisor website.

Mr. Dan Perry,


Royal Palm School

Ft. Myers, Florida



(Regarding an annual lecture series held by the Division of Education at Lehman College)

Thanks again for a tremendous workshop…As evidenced by the attendance and comments of the 310 participants at the April 1 workshop, your remarks on behavior management were both informative and challenging. Everyone also appreciated your willingness to answer questions and to interact with the audience…Again, thanks for your time, effort, and expertise in making the lecture such a memorable event for all of us.
Annette D. Digby
Dean of Education
Lehman College
Bronx, NY


“Dr. McIntyre conducted a two hour workshop on classroom management issues with approximately 300 of our undergraduate and graduate education students. His presentation included user-friendly, concrete suggestions, for managing and/or preventing various problematic behaviors in students. A review of his web site,, provided the audience with an excellent resource to use over time for help with various issues and concerns in the classroom. Dr. McIntyre’s workshop generated very positive comments from both students and faculty in attendance.”
Susan Polirstok, Ph.D.
Asst. Dean of Education
Lehman College

(Regarding a keynote presentation to 700 staff, and two workshops to 200 staff each)

“We have heard many complimentary statements from the participants regarding the success of your keynote address and workshops. You are a dynamic speaker and your presentation on “Preventing and Defusing Defiant Behavior with Emotionally Disturbed Students” was very interesting and enlightening…We are very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with you on a topic challenging all educators.

Kathleen Carmody, Assistant Director of Special Education & Susan Murray-Tetz, Team Leader of Mental Health
Orange-Ulster BOCES Regional Special Education Service Agency

Dr. Mac recently presented to a group of 55 participants at our training facility. His presentation, titled “Preventing and Defusing Defiance”, was interesting, engaging, informative, and provided very practical and useful strategies for use in the classroom. Dr. Mac is a very personable presenter who demonstrates respect for his audience. Participants of this workshop found the information presented by Dr. Mac to be a valuable resource for their classrooms.

Dr. Carol Costello
Professional Development Coordinator
Eisenhower Cooperative, IL


“Dr. McIntyre is an informed and knowledgeable presenter. He was able to connect with the audience of educators and provided practical information and strategies regarding the management of conflict in the classroom.”

Nicole Dennen
Coordinator of Out-Reach Services
Maine Special Education/Mental Health Collaborative

Dr. McIntyre presented our high school a session devoted to “Preventing & Defusing Non-Coopertative & Defiant Behavior”. The session was well received from our staff. Dr. Mac was thoughtful and professional. He communicated a strong knowledge of using correct verbal phrasing and strategies in difficult situations. He was open to discussions and questions from staff and did his best to help alleviate tensions from staff members unsure of how best to handle non-cooperative students. We will surely be using his strategies in the future and may one day invite him back for a follow-up/follow through with more creative ideas.

Todd St. Laurent

Supervisor of Curriculum & Instruction

University Academy Charter High School

New Jersey City University




“Dr. McIntyre gave an engaging and information packed workshop. He incorporated his experiences to provide practical, positive, and flexible advice for working with students with behavioral issues. In addition, Dr. Mac left time for group discussion, and stayed after his session to talk with the teachers about their individual needs. This really allowed each of the attendees to learn from each other, and address their concerns.”

Linda Selvin
Executive Director
New York Branch
International Dyslexia Association, Inc.


Dr. McIntyre conducted workshops on classroom management for two groups of over 150 pre-service teachers. Both were informative, practical, positive, and…inspirational. Indeed, Tom is a dynamic speaker who adds humor and vivid examples to illustrate disciplinary principles and practices. ”Dr. Mac” didn’t just run down a checklist of Do’s and Don’ts, nor did he simply lecture about what experts say teachers should do. Instead, in the course of two hours, he conveyed an entire philosophy; an approach to classroom management that is based on respect and humane treatment of those we serve. Even as a veteran teacher, I learned a great deal of new and highly valuable information about how to manage a classroom effectively and promote self-control in misbehaving students. Every teacher should have an opportunity to attend his exciting workshops. We hope that he will accept our invitation to speak to our next group of future teachers.

Virginia Russell
Director of Clinical Experiences


Your presentations are always timely and on the money. Alan Lentin, Assistant Director


Dr. Tom McIntyre led an important workshop on CulturallyResponsive Classroom Management for roughly 50 new secondary teachers, assistants and aides as well as preservice colleagues during our teacher and educational support professional orientation. His workshop was replete with carefully organized connections to research and applications in practice of the role of cultural sensitivity and awareness connected to positive behavioral supports for students. Many of the comments from the new and preservice teachers reflected appreciation for his knowledge-base, practical suggestions, humor, and polite, respectful manner. Even admist a challenging few days for new staff, in which they were on “information overload,” Dr. McIntyre’s workshop stood out as useful and highly pertinent to them as they readied themselves and their classrooms to greet their new students.

Kim Fontana, Director
Staff Development and Research
Ithaca City School District


(Regarding a series of 6 workshops at a school in a juvenile detention facility)

Tom, I can tell you this: Our staff greatly enjoyed your training. I’m sure you will hear from us again. Thank you!

Astre Mehreteab

Deputy Director

Leadership Training Institute

Hempstead, NY


Dr. Mac pesented an engaging, humorous, and informative workshop that motivated the team members (mentors and consultants) to encourage the use positive behavioral supports in their schools. Dr. Mac was well prepared; bringing information about many free and web based programs to our network. Janice Hamann, Special Education Consultant, CFN 306, New York City Board of Education



When funds become available, we’d love to have you back for another session!

Michelle Tuorto, Dean of Students, St. Benedict’s Preparatory Academy, Newark, NJ



Representative comments from teachers who attended sessions

There have been thousands (99% of them positive), but here are some that reflect recurring statements

Dr. Mac was highly motivating. Good suggestions. Made me rethink the way I handle some situation in my class. Felt good about the way I already use some of the techniques mentioned.


Tom was very personable. He has a pleasant speaking voice and intersperses humor throughout the presentation.

Presenter was informative, gave examples and practical strategies and techniques to solve difficult situations. The role-playing was beneficial. I would recommend this program. Thank you for an enjoyable day!

Speaker delivered what was promised – excellent workshop.

Many ideas to take back to my classroom. Well done!

Presenter was excellent! Great workshop!

Opened my eyes to mistakes that can be commonly made during the school day.

It was SO NICE to take time to go to a WORTHWHILE workshop!! SUPER!!!

The speaker was super. He kept everyone’s attention and related situations to personal situations. Allowed for interaction. Kept things moving.

From the book to life application! Great topic. Thank you for bringing in such a great speaker.

Dr. McIntyre is quite knowledgeable. If his ideas were utilized in regular ed settings, more children could be “saved” before they wind up in a placement.

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