Behavior Advisor Learning Modules:

Understanding, Reaching, & Teaching African American Students At Risk

(for school & life failure)

Does your district have gaps in acheivement between cultural groups?

Are African American students overrepresented in disciplinary actions and identification for behavior disorders?

Has your district been ordered to address the disproportionality?

African American young people, especially males, are overrepresented in disciplinary procedures and programs for students with behavior disorders. The out-of-proportion findings can be attributed in large part to assessment bias and lack of educator awareness of commonly found "cultural markers" in learning preferences and behavior patterns. At present, the ways colleges train teachers to teach and manage behavior are almost always contrary to what is "best practice" for African American students who display their traditional cultural markers.

This BehaviorAdvisor module addresses issues and practices related to the optimal education of these at-risk students. You'll find material that isn't available anywhere else! (Just try looking for it). Designed for educators and support personnel who are teaching or providing services to At Risk African American youth, it informs participants of commonly found cultural characteristics in the African American culture. Via online readings and activities, educational professionals become better able to discern the presence and influence of these "cultural markers" in both hypothetical and real school-based situations. Evidence-based practices that support efforts to develop positive relationships and well-run classrooms full of motivated students are provided.

Via readings and audio podcasts (You can listen to two of them inside the "Free podcasts & videos" button on the home page), along with assignments and activities that make use of those materials, participants create packets of documents that display their ability to translate the material into practice. This packet is presented at a follow-up session as evidence of learning. An optional multiple choice exam (to be scored by the school or district representative who has access to the answer key).


The course contains everything you need to conduct interesting, informative, and rigorous staff training events.

You have access to two different sets of materials (codes are sent in an e-mail note that is delivered upon your purchase of the module):
1. Material for staff to review and address prior to a large group gathering
2. Material for the session leader of the large group gathering.

Send the participants' codes to those who will be engaged in the training. Give them guidance regarding where to enter these codes (at, tell them how long they can take to complete the assignments, and provide them with the date, time, and place of the in-person gathering.

The pre-session study by the participants can be accomplished in couple of ways:
1. For 3-4 hours at computers in the school before attending the 2-3 hour group session if the module must be completed in one day at the work site. (Have participants complete the "AA module with follow-up session")

2. For one to two weeks previous to the meeting, at their own pace, before attendance at the 2-3 hour follow-up session. (Have participants complete the "AA module with follow-up session")

3. Fully online with no follow-up session to be held. (Have participants complete the "AA module with no follow-up session"… Material that is on the Session Leader powerpoint show is now included in the participant's materials)

The first slide of the powerpoint show tells you the things that are needed for the group presentation that follows the online study of material. The script for the powerpoint show, and the directions for the session activities, are found in the "notes" section under each slide.

While the module is ready to go in its present form, feel free to change the content, requirements, and other aspects in order to better meet the needs of your staff, and the circumstances of your setting. Add readings, modify assignments, or make changes to the powerpoint slide show. This module will belong to you soon, so you can modify it as you see fit.

More than platitudes and top ten tips... this module gives substantial and practical information that will turn things around to bring positive outcomes.


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