Understanding DSM

(The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of the American Psychiatric Association)

A 5-Part Video Podcast for Teachers & Parents

(& other non-mental health professionals)

By Dr. Mac

DSM5 & The Far Future of DSM

Dr. Mac's often humorous and always informative 45 minute video podcast presentation provides an overview of the text that is used by certified mental health professionals to diagnose mental health conditions. If you know a child or youth diagnosed with ADHD, Autism, Aspergers Syndrome, BiPolar Disorder, Learning Disability, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, or other DSM condition, find out how this diagnosis came to be, what comprises it, and how to intervene.



Click to view excerpts from the DSM video series found below (Dr. Mac narrates the 5 part video below, but does not appear in it as he does in this 10 minute promotional clip)



The Content of the Video Series (Links to video segments are found below this index)

Part 1 (8:04): Introduction & Overview

"Do Now" activity to prepare for the video

Greeting from Dr. Mac

Discussion of historical treatments for mental illness

Why do we us the DSM? Purposes & Benefits

Labels: Benefits & Drawbacks

ICD-Chapter 5: The other manual used in many parts of the world

Alignment between DSM and ICD



Part 2 (8:49): Arriving at a Diagnosis & Educator Involvement

Theoretical models

The 5 axes on which individuals are rated (This part refers to DSM-IVtr. DSM-5 is found farther below)

Professionals who are credentialed to make diagnoses based on the DSM

(Lack of) Educator role &involvement in the diagnostic process

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)



Part 3 (9:41): Changes, Past, Present, & Future (This part was developed when DSM-4tr was in effect)

How the present version of DSM came to be

Past diagnoses & treatments now gone

The organizational system of the manual

Proposed changes to the organizational system

The Chinese variation of DSM

Misuse of the manual & fraudulent claims

The influence of Freud

ADHD in children & adults




Part 4 (9:14): Toward DSM 5 & Beyond

Changes in diagnoses (This part was developed while DSM-IVtr was in effect)

The future of Aspergers disorder

Gender Identity Disorder name change

Bi-Polar disorder in children & adults

The far future of DSM




Part 5 (6:13): Addendum

-A point by point identification of how the Chinese Manual differs from the standard DSM

-An overview of "Multiple Personality Disorder" & changes to its label & diagnostic criteria.




Part 6: DSM 5: How it has changed from the previous edition (DSM-IVtr)

Coming soon.






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