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Ten Tips for reaching and teaching recent immigrant students: Helping them to create a positive "cross cultural identity"

How cultural differences in behavior are often mistaken as being misbehavior

Is it a true behavior problem or is it a cultural difference?

How a mismatch between an instructor's teaching style and a student's culturally
different style of learning can create misbehavior

Recommendations for serving culturally different youngsters who have emotional and behavioral disorders

Is it child abuse or just a cultural difference in childrearing practices?

Becoming streetsmart: Understanding and defusing the manipulative and aggressive tactics of urban streetcorner youth

Respecting and reaching streetwise kids

How Black and White kids (with emotional and behavioral disorders) differ in what they think makes "a good teacher"

Why applied behavior analysis and the behaviorist orientation are often inappropriate when applied to culturally different youngsters.

Here's a listing of links that will help you to understand cultural heritage, racism, etc.


English Language Learners/ESL

How to help new immigrant students adjust well to your classroom (10 tips for working with recent immigrant kids)

Pink slips for TESOL teachers?  Will language translation software reduce the need for English language teachers? (Humor)

Amy's Story: The development of one ESL student's cross-cultural identity (The emotional adjustment process immigrant youngsters go through when they move to North America)

The relationship between first and second languages and culture: Finding a cross-cultural identity (Discusses influences on the "Americanization" process)

Sexuality and Orientation

Gay/Lesbian/Bi-sexual youth in school.

Students with gender identity disorder.


Why are boys overrepresented in programs for students with emotional and behavioral disorders?

It's a guy wouldn't understand.

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